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Online ACORD 22 Certificate of Insurance containing the following and limits: (See Form 5A — Explanation and Sample UIIA Acord 22 Certificate — (Note that all limits for Equipment Providers outlined in these instructions are shown in US Funds. If providing limits in Canadian Funds, they should be equivalent to the limits shown in US Funds.)

  • A commercial general liability policy with a limit of $1 million per occurrence of which no portion can be self-insured.
  • See list of EPs in UIIA Requirements for General Liability that require to be listed as additional insured on this policy.
  • A commercial auto liability policy with a combined single limit (CSL) of $1 million.
  • Auto policy must be marked as either an "Any Auto," "Scheduled and Hired" or "All Owned and Hired" policy. An "All Owned" or "Scheduled Only" auto policy is not acceptable.
  • If a Motor Carrier company is self-insured, please have them contact the UIIA office to obtain details of what information is required.
  • All UIIA EPs that your insured does business with are required to be listed as additional insured on auto liability.
  • The majority of UIIA EPs require some type of cargo coverage. The limit per vehicle and deductibles vary by EP. (See EP Rules Form 5B for specific limit requirements.)
  • Coverage on certificate must be listed as Motor Truck Cargo or Cargo and include the limit and deductible of the policy. The terminology Inland Marine, Transit and/or Transportation will not be accepted unless indicated that the policy includes Motor Truck Cargo as well.
  • Motor Carriers that are self-insured or haul their own goods, will need to request a waiver from the specific EP that they wish to do business with. The UIIA office cannot waive this coverage or approve self-insurance. Please note that self-insurance cannot be provided on the certificate of insurance.
  • Trailer Interchange insurance covers the physical damage to the non-owned equipment while in the Motor Carrier’s care, custody and/or control. It must cover comprehensive and collision as well as fire and theft.
  • Coverage cannot be limited to while attached to the tractor.
  • Acceptable terminology — Trailer Interchange, Trailer Interchange Physical Damage or Non-owned physical damage. Note that Bailees is acceptable also if it does not reference hired auto physical damage.
  • For Canadian agents — the following endorsements are acceptable for trailer interchange coverage if they are accompanied by a certificate — OPCF 27B and ASEF 27B.
  • Most UIIA EPs require some type of trailer interchange coverage. The limits and deductibles allow vary by EP. (See EP Rules Form 5B for specific limit requirements.)
  • See list of UIIA EPs in Requirements for UIIA Equipment Providers for Trailer Interchange that require to be listed as additional insured/loss payee on trailer interchange.
  • Some UIIA EPs require Workers Compensation with statutory limits. In addition, some UIIA EPs also require Employer’s Liability coverage as well. See EP Rules Form 5B for specific requirements.
  • Employer’s Liability limits must be shown on the certificate if covered under the Workers Compensation.
  • Motor Carriers that are self-insured for workers compensation will need to request a waiver for the UIIA EP directly. The UIIA cannot waive or approve self-insurance for this coverage. Please note that self-insurance cannot be provided on the certificate of insurance.
  • Motor Carriers that are exempt for workers compensation will need to provide a signed letter on their company letterhead stating the reason their company is exempt (i.e., only use owner operators, not required by state domiciled in, etc.). Upon receipt of letter and exemption will be entered in the system. The exemption is valid for a period of one year from the date of the letter. Each Motor Carrier will need to provide a new letter each year to maintain their exempt status for workers compensation.
  • See EP Limit Rules to identify the UIIA EPs that require workers compensation and/or employer’s liability insurance coverage.
  • This is a hold harmless endorsement that must be made part of the auto liability policy.
  • Any one of the above endorsements is acceptable, but the most current version must be used.
  • On the ACORD 22 certificate of insurance, the agent must check the box next to the language under the description of operations confirming this endorsement is part of the auto policy.
  • UIIA EPs that your insured does business with will need to be listed as an additional insured on the appropriate policies.
  • Form 5C Equipment Provider Checklist, can be utilized as a reference list when providing additional insured information to the UIIA office.
  • Check off the EPs that your insured does business with and that are listed on the appropriate insurance policies as additional insured. The bottom of the form with information relating to your insured needs to be completed and the form will need to be signed by an authorized insurance representative.
  • On the ACORD 22 certificate, agents must check the box under the description of operations confirming the companies checked on Form 5B are additional insured on the appropriate policies.
  • Insurance agents that wish to provide blanket additional insured wording may do so by including this language on the ACORD 101 form or by providing the actual blanket additional insured endorsement. Form 5A in the Insurance Agent packet shows acceptable wording for blanket additional insured coverage.
  • Note: Texas Insurance Agents — Please note that Form 5C (Equipment Provider Checklist) is not available for use in the state of Texas. Texas agents will need to submit the list of additional insureds via an alternative method (i.e., endorsement, listed on ACORD 101 form, etc.). Form 5C will not be accepted from agents located in the state of Texas.
  • Umbrella policies provided on the ACORD 22 Certificate of Insurance should specify what policies the umbrella coverage is over. If this is not specified, the umbrella policy will not be applied to your insured’s account.
  • Agents should provide the NAIC Numbers for each policy being provided on the ACORD 22 Certificate of Insurance.
  • NAIC Numbers can be obtained from the "Best Key Rating Guide." The rating of the insurance company should be provided as well.
  • All applicable exclusionary endorsements that result in limiting or restricting the policies being provided should be included and/or noted when submitted the certificate of insurance.
  • Section F.6. of the UIIA requires that the Motor Carrier’s insurance policies provide a thirty (30) day advance notice of any cancellation of the policy unless the cancellation is a result of non-payment, in which ten (10) days notification is required. This is a contractual obligation of your insured as a signatory to the UIIA, so insurance information provided to the UIIA must be endorsed to provide such coverage.
  • Only ONE certificate of insurance with the information listed above needs to be issued to the UIIA online.
  • The Certificate Holder will show as:
    Intermodal Association of North America
    11785 Beltsville Drive, Suite 1100
    Calverton, MD 20705-4048
  • We DO NOT need separate certificates to be issued for each Equipment Provider.
  • The UIIA system is setup to expire insurance policies at 12:01 a.m. of the day of the expiration date which often causes confusion with the Motor Carriers thinking they have coverage until 11:59 p.m. on the expiration date, but in fact the policy expires on the first minute of that day. Therefore, Motor Carriers need to have their insurance agent update their insurance renewals on our website prior to the expiration date.
    In addition, insurance agents should ensure that the effective date of a policy is concurrent with the expiration date of the policy expiring so that there is no lapse between the expiring and renewal/new policy. (e.g., A policy that expires 2/1/2016 should have a renewal policy with effective date of 2/1/2016, not 2/2/2016.)

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