You can login to the new UIIA Intermodal Driver Database application here:

Non-Trucking companies or companies not currently participating in the UIIA need to go to and click on Not A Member Yet to register for access to the IDD. These companies will need to provide pertinent company profile information for initial registration, along with a password they would like to utilize when accessing the IDD.

(Note: If your company is a Non-UIIA Motor Carrier please use your SCAC Code in lieu of EIN/Tax Identification Number when registering).

Master Users

  • Once initial registration is completed, the Master User for the account will receive an e-mail containing the Account Number and Password to access the database.
  • Before initially logging into the IDD, we suggest new users go to and click on the red Help — User Guide button for the User Guide. This will provide instructions on how to access the IDD and register your drivers.
  • The Master User for the Account will login with their EIN/Federal Identification Number or SCAC Code (if Non-UIIA Motor Carrier) and the password they entered during initial registration. No User Name will be required for the Master User.

Lost Passwords

  • If you forget your company password, go back to the login page at and click on Forgot Password. You will enter your SCAC Code or Tax ID and an e-mail containing the password for your account will be sent to the Master User on file for your account. NOTE: Password information will only be sent to the MASTER USER on file for the account. Passwords will not be provided to any other person from the company.
  • Once logged into the IDD, follow the First-Time Users Guide to navigate through the website and register your drivers.

Secondary Users

  • The Master User can set up Secondary Users within the company to have access to the IDD. The Master User on the account has complete control and management of who has access to the IDD on behalf of the company. Secondary Users will be assigned a User Name and Password and will be required to login with SCAC Code/Tax ID, User Name and Password.


  • BNSF requires that each driver who is registered be assigned a Pin Number. This is a number that the company will assign to the each driver. The Pin Number field can be found on the screen when you enter the detailed driver information. The Pin Number is mandatory. You will not be able to save your driver record in the IDD, without a Pin Number being entered.

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