Motor Carrier Help Tools


The tools below will assist Motor Carriers on how to easily navigate through the UIIA application and perform the most common daily activities.

Please click on the links below to view any of the user guides, short video tutorials or FAQs.

Motor Carrier Videos/Tutorials

New Motor Carriers

How to apply for UIIA participation online  View Video

How to check the status of a pending UIIA application View Video

AMAZON Motor Carriers - Registering w/UIIA VIEW Video

Existing UIIA Motor Carriers

How to retrieve your password?   View Video

How to update your account information and change your password?  View Video

How to obtain your insurance agent code?  View Video

How to pay an invoice online?  View Video

How to download UIIA EP addenda?  View Video

How to view current and pending insurance?  View Video

How to remove/add EPs from your master EP list?  View Video

How to check your status with a specific EP?  View Video

How to apply a payment with a Credit Card? View Video

How to apply a payment via ACH? View Video

Intermodal Driver Database

How to add a dispatch office?  View Video

How to add/terminate/reinstate a driver?  View Video

How to obtain your IDD Pin Number and download your driver report? View Video

Street Interchange

How to do a Street Interchange  View Video

Binding Arbitration Process

Quick Reference on Filing an Arbitration Claim  View Video

Information Services Overview Videos

OVERVIEW - Bad Order Equipment Status VIEW VIDEO

OVERVIEW - Driver Vehicle Examination Report View Video

OVERVIEW - Driver Vehicle Inspection Report View Video 

OVERVIEW - Gate Control System View Video

OVERVIEW - Global Intermodal Equipment Registry View Video

OVERVIEW - Intermodal Driver Database View Video

OVERVIEW - Street Interchange Application View Video

OVERVIEW - Terminal Feed Service View Video

OVERVIEW - Uniform Intermodal Interchange & Facilities Access Agreement View Video


Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Questioned UIIA Provisions


Participants may report ongoing business issues related to current UIIA provisions and/or any processes associated with the Agreement at Please note that insurance related information or commercial issues related to charges or billing disputes should not be sent to this e-mail address. This e-mail will only be checked once a day so it is important that all insurance updates and general questions be sent to