Motor Carrier/Non-UIIA Company Master User Access to Account

Once the Master User logs into their account via the IDD Only login, they will be able to do the following:

  1. Search for drivers to Edit, Terminate or Delete driver records.
  2. Download a report of all their drivers in an Excel format.
  3. Add New Driver records.
  4. Manage Secondary Users.
  5. Search for Secondary Users.
  6. Manage Dispatch Offices.
  7. Manage Tractor Details.
  8. Return to their UIIA Account (only if Master User is UIIA Motor Carrier participant).
  9. Secondary User Access to Account.

>> Search for Driver Records

  1. You can search for your drivers by First Name, Last Name, License Number, Driver Number (number assigned internally by company), State, License Expiration Date, Status (Active, Terminated, Deleted or all). Searches can be sorted by Driver’s License Number or Driver’s Last Name (Figure 6, below).
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>> Download a Report of All Drivers

  1. The Master User also may download a report of all drivers. Make sure you select the Status Field when downloading the report to select whether you want Active, Terminated, Deleted or All Drivers on the report (Figure 7, below).
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>> Add Driver Records

  1. To add a driver record, click on Add Driver (Figure 7, above). Before adding a driver, make sure you have entered your Dispatch Office(s) under Manage Dispatch Offices.
  2. On the Add Driver Details screen (Figure 8, below), complete all the mandatory fields (First Name, Last Name, License Number, License Expiration Date, License State, License Country, Hiring Date, Dispatch Phone Number). Please note that when entering a driver, the Driver Number and Driver Pin Number should also be included. The Driver Pin Number is utilized by BNSF Railway. If not entered when driver record is added, the driver record will not be included on the feed to BNSF.
  3. If your company does business with the Union Pacific Railroad, you will also need to click on the link next to Ramp Details and select the Default UP Ramp. This is the UP ramp that the specific driver is most likely to access. Ramp Details for other railroads are not required.
  4. After adding the Driver Record Details click on Save. After adding the record you will be taken back to the Driver Search screen where you can search or add additional driver records.
Figure 8 (click to englarge image)