Managing Secondary Users

Master Users for the IDD have the ability to add additional users and set up individual user names and passwords for these users to have access to the IDD. To add a secondary user:

  1. In the lefthand navigation column, click on Manage My Users (Figure 9, below, Step 1).
  2. Click on Add User (Step 2).
    1. Enter a User Name, password and the email address (Step 3) for the secondary user.
  3. Select Yes or No whether you wish for this secondary user to have the ability to pull a report of all of your company’s drivers.(Step 4)
  4. Once the secondary user information has been added click on Save and then Close. (Step 5)
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>> Search for secondary users

Master Users can also search for secondary users by clicking on the Search feature or entering a specific Secondary User’s Name (Figure 10, below). If you wish to remove a secondary user, you will check the box under the Delete column for that user, then click Delete.

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