Manage Tractor Details

Master Users can manage their tractors in the IDD as well. This will allow the Motor Carrier to maintain the Tractor RFID and Tractor License Number for company trucks. Master Users will have the ability to:

>> Search for tractor by RFID or License Number

To display a list of your tractors stored in the UIIA database, click on Manage Tractor Details in the lefthand menu bar, then click Search on the Tractor Search screen (Figure 12).

>> Add tractors

To Add a Tractor, click the Add Tractor button on the Tractor Search Screen (Figure 13, below).

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This will open the Tractor Details screen (Figure 14, below). Enter Tractor RFID, License Number and License State, then click SAVE.

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>> Delete tractors

To delete a Tractor, check the box next to the Tractor RFID number under the Delete column (Figure 15, below), then click on the Delete Tractor button.

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