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MC Apply for UIIA Participation

The steps for Motor Carriers to apply for UIIA participation are outlined below under the Motor Carrier Quick Reference Guide.

To initiate the process, Motor Carriers may download the MC UIIA Application Packet or apply online for UIIA participation.

Apply Online for
UIIA Participation
 Download UIIA

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Complete the Participating Party Signature Page (Form 2)

Participating Party Agreement signature page must be completed. It must include your company name, authorized representative's signature and printed name, address phone and fax number, e-mail address, and your SCAC Code.

All Motor Carriers must also provide their USDOT Number and Federal Tax ID on Form 2. In addition, a Motor Carrier Operating Authority Number (MC Number) will be required if applicable to your business operations. New UIIA applications will not be approved until the Motor Carrier’s USDOT and MC Number (if applicable) are showing active on the Department of Transportation’s SAFER website at

Remit Payment of the UIIA Annual Administrative Fee Schedule (Form 3A)

If you are paying your Annual Administrative Service Fee by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express, you will need to complete the payment information online when you register.  If you are paying your Annual Administrative Service Fee by ACH, please apply your bank information online when you register.  

Click here to see how to Manage Payment of Annual UIIA Service Fee for New MC Accounts.

Provide a Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) (Form 4)

If your company does not have a Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC Code), you will need to complete the Standard Carrier Alpha Code Application. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) assigns this code. You will need to either mail the application with a check for $85 (US FUNDS) ($93 if payment is made by check in US dollars payable thru a Canadian Bank) to National Motor Freight Traffic Association at the address shown on the application or if paying for SCAC Code by credit card, you can fax it to NMFTA at 703-683-1094. YOUR UIIA APPLICATION WILL NOT BE COMPLETE UNTIL THIS CODE IS ASSIGNED BY NMFTA.

Note:  Motor Carriers may also apply online to obtain a SCAC by going to the NMFTA website.  

Forward Insurance Instructions for your Agent (Form 5)

You will need to complete Form 5C (Equipment Provider Checklist) of the insurance instructions by checking off the Equipment Providers that your company does business with. After completing Form 5C, please forward the entire insurance instruction packet to your insurance agent for completion.

Please note that all insurance must be submitted online to the UIIA so your agent will be required to register to become an approved agent within the UIIA for online insurance submission. Instructions on how your agent can register can be found at under the Insurance Agent tab at the top of the home page.

All UIIA application documentation should be sent via e-mail to or by fax to (301)982-3414 or (301)982-5478. Pending applications will be held for 30 days. Failure to provide the necessary information to complete the UIIA application within 30 days will result in the company having to re-apply. For questions, please contact the UIIA office at 877- 438-8442.

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Benefits of UIIA Participation for Motor Carriers

Access the Insurance Agent Directory

Binding Arbitration Information

Download UIIA Agreement

How To Obtain the Insurance Agent Code

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