Roadside Service             Reference Guide



The Intermodal Association of North America’s (IANA) Maintenance & Repair Committee created a Roadside Service Task Force designed to recommend improvements to current processes in the roadside repair and maintenance service industry.  In conjunction with this Task Force, IANA gathered various road service resource materials onto a new centralized webpage.  This new site acts as a quick reference guide, containing roadside service documentation, links to various roadside service websites, and specific business rules pertaining to Intermodal Equipment Providers, or “IEPs,” within the industry.   With this central source, IANA hopes to further assist the Motor Carrier community in reducing the impact on both vehicles and drivers when equipment incidents occur.

If your company is an intermodal equipment provider and would like a link to your roadside service business rules added to the new Roadside Service Reference Guide web page, please contact Art Cleaver at