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Banned Driver User Interface

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>> Add Banned Driver Details

If the specific driver is not found when searching the banned driver table, the user will need to add the driver to the banned table. Click on Add Banned Driver Details in the lefthand navigation menu. When the screen opens (Figure 34, below), enter the full driver’s license number and license state and click on Search.

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Banned Driver Report

Users can also run a report of all drivers that are banned. Click Banned Driver Report in the lefthand navigation menu. When the Banned Driver Report screen appears (Figure 35, below), enter one of the following parameters:

  1. Banned Expire Start Date — date the ban on the driver began.
  2. Banned Expire End Date — date the ban is scheduled to end for the driver.
  3. Banned Created/Modified Start Date — date the actual ban was created or modified.
  4. Banned Created/Modified End Date — date the actual ban was reinstated.
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