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Driver Lookup Service — Master User Access

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>> Manage Secondary Users:

MASTER USERS have the ability to set up additional users to do queries under the Driver Lookup Service. To do so , Master User takes these steps::

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    1. When the Secondary Users Search screen opens, click on Add User (Figure 19, below).

    1. This will bring up the Secondary User Details screen (Figure 20, below). Enter the User Name you want this party to use when logging into the database, the user’s first name, last name, title, phone, fax and email address. The Master User will also establish a password for the secondary user to use when logging in.
    2. After all this information is entered, click Save and then Close.
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    >> Delete a User

    Master Users can also DELETE A USER by clicking on the checkbox next to the secondary user they want to delete (Figure 21). Deleted users will remain listed, but will be shaded in red.

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