Welcome to the UIIA Online Application Equipment Providers Help Guide

The UIIA Application Help Guide has been designed to give you a basic understanding of how to use the main features of the UIIA Online System.

There are sections for each category of user — Insurance Agents, Motor Carriers, Equipment Providers, Intermodal Driver Database-Only Users and Subscription Services Users.

While we have made every effort to cover as many aspects of the system as possible, if you run into problems, please call the UIIA Help Desk at (301) 474-8700 or Toll Free at (877) 438-UIIA (877-438-8442).

For other UIIA Contact Information, see UIIA Staff & Contacts.

uiia equipment providers online help guide

Getting Started
Equipment Providers Details
Current Addendum Details
Equipment Providers Template Screen
Motor Carrier Specific Details Screen
Waive/Change Requirements for a Motor Carrier
View Invoice Details
Recalculate MC/EP Status
Monthly Book & Weekly Supplement Screen
Web Report Generator
View Invoice Details
Monthly Book & Weekly Supplement
Integration Of Scanned Documents