Web Report Generator

The Web Report Generator (Figure 17) will allow you to create & customize your own reports.

Figure 17 (click image to enlarge)

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>> Basic Properties

Field Set — This is where you set the fields that you wish to include on your report. There are three standard options and one customized option — Your Field Picks — that will allow you to select the fields you wish to include on your report. The options are:

Option 1 — Your Field Picks gives you more detailed information and allows you to customize the fields to include on your report. When selecting "Your Field Picks" from the screen below (Figure 18, below), this will allow you to select additional fields you want included in your report.

Option 2 — Company Contact information, UIIA Status information and Insurance.

Option 3 — Company Contact Information & Primary Insurance Expiration Date.

Option 4 — Company Contact Information, All Insurance Expiration Dates & UIIA Status.

Figure 18 (click image to enlarge)

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File Type — You can set your File type to receive your document as an Excel spreadsheet or a TXT fixed column file.

Status — You may check the following fields under the Status section if you wish to specify a particular date or date range in your report:

Status Options
A. Motor Carrier Record Updated
B. Motor Carrier Status Change
C. Motor Carrier Will Become Not Approved
Status Options
D. UIIA Acceptance Date
E. UIIA Reinstated Date
F. Deleted From UIIA

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