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Equipment Providers can look up a Motor Carrier’s status at a given date in time and view the insurance that was in place on that date.

If the date of lookup is prior to the final date that data has been migrated from the old UIIA system to the current application, the system will indicate that status must be obtained by accessing scanned documents. This also is true for dates entered where not all insurance covering the date was entered on-line in the current application.

See the following screen shots for example (Figure 20, below)

Figure 20 (click image to enlarge)

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>> Initial Return Screen

The Initial Return screen (Figure 21, below) displays the initial return showing MC’s current status in the UIIA (Active, Cancelled or Deleted). User will need to Click on MC company name to get to details regarding MC’s status on date of inquiry.

Figure 21 (click to enlarge image)

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>> Insurance Details Screen — Pre-Migration

Detail screen (Figure 22, below) shows insurance in place on date of inquiry, unless date of inquiry was prior to final migration date: (Sample shows return with date that was prior to August 11, 2008. The application indicates

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MC status is not found and that you must ACCESS SCANNED DOCUMENTS for status and insurance information).

Figure 22 (click to enlarge image)

>> Insurance Details Screen — Post-Migration

The Insurance Details screen (Figure 23, below) is an example of return of detailed information if date of inquiry was for a date after August 11, 2008, and there were documents in the current system for the MC.

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The example above shows the current insurance in place on date of inquiry. It also shows that the MC was Approved for EP on this date. User would Click on Print In Place Policies to print a copy of the insurance information.

Figure 23 (click to enlarge image)

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