Access Scanned Documents

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In results that indicate you must Access Scanned Documents to obtain information, click the Access Scanned Documents button from the screen below (Figure 24):

Figure 24 (click image to enlarge)

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>> Available  Document Types

Types of scanned documents available to user include:

  1. Certificate of Insurance
  2. Additional Insured Endorsement
  3. Truckers Endorsement
  4. Additional Insured Listing/EP Checklist

Once you click on Access Scanned Documents, a list of all the scanned documents will be displayed (Figure 25, below). You can then click the checkboxes next to document names to select documents by the scanned dates that are applicable to the date of the inquiry.

Figure 25 (click image to enlarge)

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To select All Documents in the list, click the checkbox at the top of the list (Figure 26, below).

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Figure 26 (click on image to enlarge)

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