Equipment Providers Template

The EP Template screen allows you to search on Past, Present or Future Templates. Templates contain what your company’s requirements are/were on a specific date, or information to be used when setting up new requirement changes for the future. In order to find a specific template you will need to:

  1. Click on the dropdown window next to "Search Template," select one of the options (past, present or future), then click Search (Figure 7, No. 1). Once your selection has been made you will see a list of templates listed by the effective date.
  2. Click on the TEMPLATE NUMBER beside the template you wish to view (Figure 7, No. 2).
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Note: You cannot make any changes to these templates.

Figure 7 (1 and 2) (click image to enlarge)

See below to view a sample Equipment Providers Requirements Template (Figure 7a)

Figure 7a (click to enlarge image)


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