Motor Carrier Lookup

The MC Lookup link will take you to the MC Specific Addendum Details screen. Here, you can see whether a specific motor carrier is Approved or Not Approved for your company. You will be able to update or add, a Known As code, Cancel a motor carrier, flag a motor carrier with your company, add them as a house trucker or waive insurance requirements.

You can search by the motor carrier's company name, Known As code or SCAC code. Once you have completed your search, you will see the motor carrier's company name and status, which will show either Approved or Not Approved for your company. (Click Toggle Image button, below, to view Equipment Providers Requirements screen.

If the motor carrier is showing Not Approved for your company, you can click on Not Approved on the screen (Figure 8, below) to find out why the company is not approved.

Figure 8 (click image to enlarge)

Note: Items the Motor Carrier needs to become approved will be shaded in red.

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By clicking on the Motor Carrier's company name on the above screen, you will be able to view and update the following information on the MC Specific Addendum screen below (Figure 9):

Figure 9 (click image to enlarge)

  1. Demographic Information displays the port/states that the motor carrier services (See related, Fig. 10).
  2. Company Profile Information will give you information on that motor carriers safety rating, if they are authorized to carry hazmat, CTPAT Certification, DOT background, type of business, equipment by type, number of drivers they have and what type of cargo they haul, if provided by Motor Carrier.
  3. Known As Codes — If your company assigns an internal code for motor carriers, you will be able to add this code in the known as code field by typing in the code beside Known As Code and then clicking Save.
  4. House Trucker — You can mark the motor carrier as a house trucker for your company (if applicable) by clicking on the box next to House Trucker and then clicking Save.
  5. EP Member Specific — If your company has to approve a Motor Carrier before the motor carrier can do business with your company, you will have a member-specific field. Once the motor carrier has contacted you and you would like to mark them as a member, you will click on the box next to EP Member then click Save.
  6. EP Private — this field is for Railroad companies only. If the motor carrier only wishes to pull private equipment from the rail yards, you would click on EP Private then click Save.
  7. Cancel a Motor Carrier with your Company — To suspend a motor carrier’s interchange with your company, you will need to click on the checkbox next to "Cancel MC," add the "Cancellation Effective Date," add the "Remark/Reason for the Cancellation," and then click "SAVE."
  8. Waive/Change Requirements for a Motor Carrier — If your company would like to waive a requirement or accept a lower limit for a particular motor carrier in order to meet your insurance requirements, you need to click on "Waive/Change Requirements." (Click here for details on the Waiver/Override screen.)

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Note: EPs will be required to confirm that the Motor Carrier has been notified of the cancellation of their interchange in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. A pop-box requesting confirmation will appear once you click on Cancel MC and you must confirm proper notice has been given by clicking on OK.

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