Waive/Change Requirements for a Motor Carrier

If your company would like to waive a requirement or accept a lower limit for a particular motor carrier in order to meet your insurance requirements, you need to click on "Waive/Change Requirements" (Figure 11).

Figure 11 (click image to enlarge)

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The waiver/override screen (Figure 12,below ) displays your current requirements. If you wish to change or waive any of these requirements for this specific motor carrier, follow these steps:

  1. To accept a new limit and/or deductible, simply set the Grant Waiver flag to Yes and enter the new limit that you will accept for this type of insurance for the individual Motor Carrier.
  2. For items shown under Additional Requirements (i.e., addendum, credit approval), simply change the Grant Waiver to Yes.

Figure 12 (click image to enlarge)

Note:To waive the type of insurance in its entirety, simply set the Grant Waiver flag to Yes and enter negative 1 (-1) in the New Limit and/or Deductible field. ALL WAIVERS/OVERRIDES YOU ENTER WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT UNLESS MANUALLY REMOVE THIS INFORMATION FROM THIS SCREEN WITHIN THE APPLICATION OR ADVISE THE UIIA OFFICE TO DO SO.

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Self-Insured Override — If a motor carrier is self insured for a policy that your company requires and your company approves self insurance on a case-by-case basis, you can accept the Motor Carrier’s self-insured status for the specific coverage by changing the "No" to "Yes" and then clicking "Save."

Risk Retention Override — If your company has elected not to accept insurance written through a risk-retention group (RRG) but you have elected to approve a specific motor carrier’s risk-retention insurance, you will need to change the "No" to a "Yes" under "RRG Override" across from the policies where you have approved the RRG insurance, and then click "Save."

Note: Base requirements of the UIIA cannot be waived. The base requirements are: $1 million Auto Liability, $1 million General Liability and Add'l. Insured on Auto Liability.

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