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Types of Policies/Certificates

>> In Place Policies

When you first access a Motor Carrier's account the first policy information you will be presented with are the In Place Policies. These are the current insurance policies that are on file for your insured. (See related)

>> Active Certificates:

The Active Certificates screen reflects certificates of insurance that were submitted on behalf of your insured that contain at least one active policy in place.  A active certificate may contain policies that have a different status.

For example:  An Active Certificate may contain an auto and general liability policy.  The auto policy may be active, but the general liability may be pending due to it having a future effective date.

>> Saved Certificates:

The Saved Certificate screen reflects certificates of insurance entered on behalf of your insured and have been saved, but not yet submitted by your agency. The policies on these certificates have not been applied to your insured's account and may be edited to make any necessary changes before actually submitting the certificate for processing to the UIIA.

>> Submitted Problem Certificates:

The Submitted Problem Certificate screen reflects certificates that contain a policy or policies that have some kind of problem that would impact your insured's status with one of their selected Equipment Providers. These certificates go to Submitted Problem Certificates so that are not automatically applied to your insured's account and provide you the opportunity to correct the problem by submitting a new certificate that addresses the issue.

Submitted Problem Certificates will remain in this status until the following happens:

  1. A new certificate for that specific type of insurance is submitted to overwrite the previous certificate.
  2. If no new information is provided and the certificate contains policies that are in effect, the submitted problem certificate will go into place automatically that night at 12:00 Midnight.

>> Pending Certificates:

Pending Certificates are those that contain a policy with an effective date that is greater than the day it is submitted. For example: If today's date is August 1 and the agent provides a certificate with an effective date of September 1, the certificate would be placed in Pending Certificates for that specific policy until September 1. The insurance policy on the pending certificate would go into place automatically at 12:01am on the date of the effective date.

>> Expired Past Submitted Certificates:

Past Submitted Certificates reflect certificates that have one or more policies that have been replaced with a newer policy for that specific type of coverage or the policies are expired.

Name Change Pending Certificates — this screen will reflect insurance that has been submitted on behalf of a motor carrier company that is changing their company name. The certificates submitted under the new name will be reflected under this category until the name change is completed.

Note: Certificates that are submitted may show on multiple screens under the categories of certificates above depending on the policy information provided on the certificate.

>> Certificate Status

Individual Policies on a certificate can be in the following status:

Active  — in place.
Submitted — policy is submitted, but has an issue.
Overwritten — policy has been replaced by a newer policy for the same type of coverage.
Pending — policy has a future effective date.
Expired — policy has an expiration date that has passed.