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Terminating/Reinstating a Policy

To terminate or reinstate a policy, go to the Motor Carrier Selection Screen and enter the name or SCAC code of motor carrier for which you wish to terminate or reinstate a policy (Figure 25, No. 1).

Then, click on Active Certificates (Figure 25. No. 2) in the left navigation menu to bring up the Active Certificates Screen.

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>> The Active Certificates screen

  1. Terminate a Policy:
    1. Find the policy you wish to terminate and click the Terminate button next to that policy (Figure 26).
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  1. The next screen (Figure 27) will display the detailed information provided for the specific policy. Go to the Policy Termination Date field and enter the termination date for the policy. You also must enter a reason for the termination in the Policy Termination Reason field. (Note: A reason for the termination is required).
  2. Click the Terminate Primary Policy button.
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