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Create a New Acord Certificate

Step 1:

To create a certificate for an insured, click on Create New Acord Cert beside the company name of the insured you wish to add insurance on. The next screen (Figure 12) will guide you through the steps of entering and submitting a certificate. After you have read over these, click Continue.

Figure 12 (click image to enlarge)

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Step 2:

  1. Click the checkbox next to all the Equipment Providers your insured wishes to do business with; an asterisk (*) shown next to the limit for a specific coverage identifies that the Equipment Provider requires to be named additional insured on this policy (Figure 13, below).

Figure 13 (click image to enlarge)

  1. You can also obtain a summary of the information needed for your insured to become approved for a specific Equipment Provider by clicking on the Equipment Provider's company name. (Click Toggle Image button, below, to view Equipment Providers Requirements screen (Figure 13a).

Toggle Image

Step 3:

Select all the insurance policies that your company handles for this insured and then click Continue (Figure 14, below).

Note: If providing insurance policy information thatpertains to one specific Equipment Provider, please select Equipment Provider Specific for the certificate type, otherwise primary/excess will be the default and will apply to all selected equipment providers.

Figure 14 (click image to enlarge)

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