Full Smart Checklist

The full Smart Checklist will provide an overall look at your company's account based on the Equipment Providers (EPs) you have selected and the insurance on file for your company. It will identify what additional information is needed in order for your company to become approved for the EPs that you want to do business with. The top of the full Smart Checklist will provide you with the overall limits that you will need to have in place to become approved for the Selected EPs with whom you wish to do business. It will show what is needed and what is currently on file for your company.

Based on the insurance information provided on behalf of your company, the middle section identifies specific issues for each type of policy and indicates the selected EPs that require this coverage.

There is a section at the bottom of the Full Smart Checklist titled Additional EP Requirements. These are not insurance requirements, however, but are additional items that your company will need to be aware of in order to obtain an approved status with the specific Equipment Provider. These items could deal with additional paperwork that may need to be completed, an EP may require pre-authorization before a carrier can be flagged for them, etc. This is not information that your insurance agent will provide, but does impact your company’s ability to become an approved carrier for the specific Equipment Provider.

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