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Access the Driver Database

In the new UIIA application, your company master login will give you access to both your UIIA account and also to the Intermodal Driver Database (IDD). This access will be the UIIA contact on file.

Click the "Access the Driver Database" link in the lefthand navigation bar. The initial screen (Figure 25) will allow you to search for a specific driver, add a new driver or download a report of drivers after a successful search to get the results in an excel file.

Note: Before adding a new driver you must make sure that the Dispatch Office numbers are in place. If you do not have your "Manage Dispatch Office" updated you will not be able to save the new driver information since the dispatch phone is a required field.

Figure 25 (click image to enlarge)

>>  Search for a Driver

To search for a particular driver, type in the driver’s last name then click Search (Figure 26).

Figure 26 (click image to enlarge)


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