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Add a New Driver to the Driver Database

Click the Access the Driver Database link in the lefthand navigation menu. The initial screen will allow you to search for a specific driver, add a new driver or download a report of drivers after a successful search to get the results in a Microsoft Excel file. If a driver is not currently registered as a driver for your company, click on Add Driver, then complete all the required information noted by an asterisk (*) on the screen (Figure 27, below), as follows:

Driver No. — This is an internal number you can use to identify a driver, especially if you already use a code for a driver. If you don’t use codes for your drivers simply leave the field blank and we will fill this in for you with the drivers license number.

BNSF Pin Number — This is a unique code that YOU assign to a driver. Your drivers will use this code to identify themselves when accessing BNSF kiosk facilities. Each of your drivers must have their own Unique BNSF PIN Number. This code can be four to 10 characters long and contain letters and numbers only. Letters A-Z, numbers 0-9. Any other characters are ignored.

* First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial (If applicable)

* License Number

* License Issue State

* License Issue Country

* Hiring Date (enter month, day and year example: 10/10/2007)

* License Expiration Date (Enter month, day, and year example: 10/10/2008)

* CDL License

* Disp Phone — Phone number for the Dispatch office that this driver mainly works from. If you have filled out the Manage Dispatch Offices section from the navigation menu, this field will automatically show as a drop-down list of your dispatch offices.

* Ramp Details — this field will only appear if your company has an Interchange Agreement with the Union Pacific Railroad. The driver will have access to all UP ramp locations but UP needs to know the PRIMARY ramp that this specific driver will use.
To access the UP Ramps, click on Click here to select ramps for EPs. The ramp details will pop up for you to select the primary ramp location for this driver. Click on the drop down window to make your selection.

 Additional Fields:

Terminated Date — If applicable (enter month, day, year – 10/08/2007) an entry here indicates that the driver can no longer use equipment using your interchanges.

Tractor License — License number of tractor

Tractor RFID — Radio Frequency ID if tractor has transponder.

The Address and Phone Details are optional fields and may be completed at your own discretion.

Figure 27 (click image to enlarge)

 List Driver Records

At anytime to see a complete listing of the driver records you have entered, simply click Search from the main Driver Search screen. This will bring up a list of the driver records you have entered (Figure 28). Click on Download Report after a search has been completed to get the results exported to a Microsoft Excel file.

Figure 28 (click image to enlarge)

From the lefthand navigation menu, you will see the following Links:

  1. Manage Driver Details — will take you back to the main driver database screen.
  2. Manage Dispatch Offices — The phone number for your dispatch office that a driver primarily works from is a required field. In order to make this entry easy a list of your dispatch offices can be in a drop-down list.
  3. Manage Tractor Details — The company tractor table allows you to add all of your company tractors to the IDD. This allows for a driver to be associated with any tractor listed in the Company Tractor list.
  4. Manage My Users — You may also add additional users from your company that you want to allow to access you drivers file. You can enable/disable each of these users to have access to download a listing of all of your drivers.

NOTE: Only you, the Master User, have access to your password file.

  1. Go to UIIA Menu — This link will take you out of the Driver Database & back to the main UIIA menu page.
  2. ITR Registration — The Intermodal Tractor Registry provides a registration point for UIIA Licensed Motor Carriers (LMC) to provide tractor/truck information on behalf of their company drivers or owner operators. This link will Allow the user to select the specific agencies they wish to register tractors for (i.e., California, Air Resources Board (CARB), BNSF, Port of Houston Authority (POHA)) before completing the actual registration.
  3. MC & Non UIIA Companies IDD User Guide — Link to IDD User Guide.
Figure 29 (click image to enlarge)

UIIA Motor Carriers Online Help Guide

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