Submitting EP Addenda Online

The new UIIA application allows Motor Carriers to complete Addenda & Credit Applications (if applicable) for the following EPs on-line:

  • BNSF
  • Canadian National/Illinois Central
  • CSX
  • Evergreen
  • Norfolk Southern
  • Union Pacific

Screen shots below provide examples of how to update online addenda:

To begin the online process, select one of the EPs listed above by checking the box next to their company name.  Once the box is checked, the addendum will be displayed, followed by the credit application (if applicable).  From this point, follow the online instructions on the screen.  Please note that Online info will only show the initial time that the EP is selected or if addendum is not already on file. (Figure 36)

Figure 36 (click to englarge image)

Online addendum signature page (Figure 37, below).

  • MC will complete the Signed by, Title and Email fields
  • They will also need to check the box to accept terms of addendum.
  • Once all required information has been entered, click the Save & Continue button.
  • Figure 37 (click to englarge image)

EP Specific Addendum Details Acceptance Page (Figure 38):

  1. MC will click on YES to record the acceptance of the addendum in the database. If NO is selected, the addendum info just completed on the signature page will not be saved.
  2. MC can click on Print Addendum Page, which will create a PDF file of the specific addendum that includes the signature page pre-populated with their information. This copy should be kept in the MC’s files.
  3. When finished, MC will click on CONTINUE.
mc help figure 38
Figure 38

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