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Online Credit Application (if applicable)

1. If EP has a credit application, the next screen (Figure 39) will display the credit application form for the MC to complete.

Figure 39 (click to englarge image)

Online Addendum Print, Sign and Fax Instruction Page (Figure 40, below):

  1. After completing credit application, the MC will be instructed to Print Out the Completed Credit Application, Sign it and Fax it back to the UIIA office.
  2. Next, click Close, which will take you back to the EP Selection List Page.
FIgure 40 (click to englarge image)

  1. On the EP Selection List Page (Figure 41, below), remember to click on SAVE in order to save the selection of the Equipment Provider you just completed the addendum for.
Figure 41 (click to englarge image)

UIIA Motor Carriers Online Help Guide

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Online Addenda/Credit Application